Over the past six years we have taken our rich experience and strong execution skills into many industries, to help a variety of businesses develop and grow their businesses.

Prudence Advisors has associated itself as Business Advisors across various industries including; Healthcare, FMCG, BPO, Export-Import, Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, Food & Beverage, and even NGOs to name a few. Over the course of this work Prudence Advisors has gained valuable experience, understanding and insights about the intricacies and working of each of these industries.

The team at Prudence Advisors has young and enthusiastic individuals who strive to add value to every business that they work with. We believe in adding positive value to every business that we are associated with.

The board members of the company provide mentoring to various startups and are present on the mentoring panel of Microsoft Accelerator, Let's Venture & Tata Incub@TE.

The company has worked with several startups over the past 7 years and is also present on the boards of many of them, where they serve an advisory role providing valuable guidance and much needed mentoring.

Our Directors

Salma Moosa                           Vivek Srinivasan